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Booth Cinemas

This is Charlotte


She is a mother who is always late for movies and needs a solution so they can get concessions quickly and effectively

To solve this problem I came up with two solutions

1. If Charlotte could pick up the concessions as soon as she got to the cinema it should help her cut down time deciding and waiting in line

2. If Charlotte could get the concessions delivered directly to her seat that should make her user journey considerably easier

Wireframes were created to solve the user issue

These wireframes were then tested through a moderated usability study with 5 participants of a wide range of social demographics who frequented movies

The following themes were made apparent

Most users wanted additional features to ease the pick up process, such as being able to place the pick up order in advance and having a unique order number

General confusion on the account creation page being too complicated for what was required from it

The UX of the tabs between the Delivery and Pick up options was confusing to most users

Iterating on the feedback from  users lead to the following changes

Features  added to the pick up menu

Untitled-removebg-preview (2).png

Account page was simplified to better user flow


UI effects added to clarify delivery and pick up tabs

Untitled-removebg-preview (4).png

After the completed mock-ups it was prototyped with animations to improve the user experience

As a first UX project, it was both a daunting and exciting experience. Understanding UI elements was a big struggle, finding the right colour scheme and typeface was a daunting task.

However, it was extremely enjoyable to work on a project for Cinemas and I learnt a multitude of skills in brainstorming, research, prototyping and design.

If you would like to access the prototype yourself, click the link below!

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