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This is Ahmed


To solve Ahmed’s problem I believe that a social video conferencing application with video and gaming options would allow him to socialize comfortably

Furthermore, while I believe this would primarily function as a phone application, there would also need to be functionality for tablets and laptops

To solve the problems facing the potential users I began wireframing

These wireframes were then tested through a moderated usability study with 5 participants who were currently in highschool

The following themes were present in the research study

More features on the video screen were wanted, such as a mute option

Visual cues to understand how the movie option worked

Video calling to continue while navigating menus

Taking these themes into account, mockups were created to deal with the presented issues


Features added to main screen


Movie option screen created


Menus made translucent

Together Website
Together Tablet

Together was a project very close to home. After a long pandemic the value of video conferencing applications became very clear to me. This project allowed me to develop the application for a variety of screen sizes allowing users with all types of screens to be involved.

This project allowed me to further gain experience in research and designing for a variety of screen sizes

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