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Lilypad Books

This is Sylvia


Sylvia is a college student who loves reading, she enjoys buying books but finds the online experience lacking to that of a physical bookstore and wants a more personalized experience

To solve Sylvia’s problem I believed that the best solution would be to create a bookstore site that looks and feels like a bookstore

Instead of having the books being front facing and sold like Amazon products I decided to keep the user experience to feel like going to an actual bookstore while getting personalized recommendations

To solve the problems facing the potential users I began wireframing

These wireframes were then tested through a moderated usability study with 5 participants of a wide range of social demographics who felt that the online shopping experience was too impersonal

The following themes were present in the research study

Visual effects needed to understand homepage

Visual cue for add to cart button needed

There was too much clutter and repetition of the order summary

Taking these themes into account, mockups were created to deal with the presented issues

Homepage Hi-Fi.png

Visual effects added to homepage

Overlay ‘Add to Cart’ tab added

Add to cart overlay.png

Payment page cleaned up

Payment page.png

The Lilypad Book Project was a rewarding experience. Bringing my idea of bookshelfs with selectable books to life was both difficult and very educational.

Furthermore, this project was done on Adobe XD. Allowing me to learn a new software to expand my design knowledge and skills.

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